Saturday, May 28

About Curry On Eating

Once upon a time in Delhi, a boy was born and he had giant cheeks. Super chubby cheeks that everybody would pinch. And from the moment he was born, he stuffed those amazing balloon cheeks full of good food.

The Delhi boy grew up (well, kinda) and moved to Cambridge and met an Aussie girl that instantly fell in love with him –  and his food. The Aussie girl introduced him to some more international flavours, and suddenly all his food became fusion food. Everyone wanted him to cook for them, and he loved it. He kept creating new recipes, and everyone around them loved the recipes too!

So Aussie girl hinted (i.e. nagged) for years for Delhi boy to start a blog. It only took 7 years, but here we are. Curry On Eating: food by AJ, as described by Eleanor.

Enjoy our flavour party!

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